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The SMART Women's Movement

Ditch "Perfect". Anything is possible when you live SMART.


Are you?

 - Overwhelmed with balancing work and life
 - Tired of being overlooked for promotions and raises
 - Frustrated with navigating corporate politics
 - Not being recognized for your hard work
 - Afraid to speak up and get what you want
 - Struggling with self-confidence

Trying to be the PERFECT wife, the PERFECT mother, the PERFECT employee, the PERFECT friend, the PERFECT daughter, the name it!

Perfect is out! SMART is in! Join us now!


“Kimberlee Jo's energy, enthusiasm, and positive approach to life can help and individual or team reach new heights."

Erica Daley

“Kimberlee Jo is an amazing example of strong leadership and succuss."

Lesley Nardini

“Kimberlee Jo is a natural motivator and mentor with a heart bigger than Texas. She has walked through adversity and came out the other side sharing her tools and strategies for living.”

Tammy Tribble