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Build Expertise Every Day

Continual learning provides a sustainable competitive advantage.


Thoughtful Action - Act Daily


Developing expertise in your field will position you as a thought leader who delivers creative solutions. A few focused minutes incorporated into your modern busy woman's lifestyle will pay off in endless dividends. Expertise is developed through daily habits of reading and practicing new behaviors. Harvard Business Review identifies the elements needed to build expertise as: continual learning, application of the acquired knowledge, and consistency over a period of time.

Curiosity about a field you are passionate about is a natural human instinct. This is why passion is one of the primary drivers of successful people. They enjoy researching, analyzing, evaluating and applying evolving concepts. All of us have the capacity to develop expertise in our industry or career of choice. I encourage you to find your passion because it will be much easier and more natural to learn about what you care about and are interested in.

Develop a habit of learning. Habits take between 12 and 254 days to form with a median of 66 days. Tracking your behavior can increase your habit change by 36% and if you share with a mastermind or with your tribe the effectiveness of your habit can increase to 62%. 

According to Charles Duhigg, HBR, every habit has 3 components:

1)Trigger/Reminder - Put 15 minute appointment to learn in your calendar daily.

2) Behavior/Routine - Block out the time. Set healthy boundaries.

3) Reward - This reinforces your brain to want to incorporate your new habit. Plan to 

                     have a cup of your favorite coffee or tea after studying!


The key to absorbing new information is using it and applying it

in your day to day actions.

With an abundance of information available at our fingertips it is essential to identify what would be the most applicable to your situation to affect change. Business schools use Harvard business cases to teach. Students analyze and evaluate how they would manage the situation to optimize the outcome which incorporates “practice.”

Thoughtfully act for 15 minutes a day to learn a new concept that they can apply in your life. This daily discipline of moving outside your comfort zone will create a reservoir of experiences upon which to draw from so that you can demonstrate you can lead with wisdom. Experts are made, not born. Take this time for you. You are worth it!

Imperfectly yours,

Kimberlee Jo

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