SMART is the New Perfect - Join the SMART Women's Movement now!

SMART is the New You

Who is tired of trying to do it all? Trying to be there for everyone all the time? Trying to be the good girl and the ideal woman? Who is having fun out there? Let’s join together to be real women who live real lives. We can stop obsessing and start living. There will be weekly conference calls, a worksheet and YouTube videos to guide you, push you and love you through this transformation you deserve.
Start: to think about what you want to accomplish.
Memorize the basics: what is the corporate culture, the customer’s needs, the business environment, the chain of business connections
Authenticity: Is this compatible with your beliefs and values
Reality Check: Will your customers, your manager, your team be able to hear you and process what you are doing and saying.
Thoughtful Action: Do what it takes to complete your work, your vision, your dream.

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