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What is the SMART Women's Movement?

Are you tired of pleasing everyone but you?

Isn’t being phony draining?

How often are you angry, sad or frustrated trying to live up to other’s expectations?


What happens when you don’t live up to being the perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter, the perfect friend………?

We guide you through small pivots that create huge transformations with the SMART is the New Perfect framework:

S - Self Compassion

M - Make It Happen

A - Authenticate

R - Reality Creation

T - Thoughful Action

Self Compassion

We chase perfect to run from something or to run towards something.

We meet you where you are, in the middle of your busy, demanding, messy life. We challenge you to awaken your self-compassion through acknowledging your character strengths of goodness, contributions and potential…..and accepting your humanity with all of your flaws, frailties and past mistakes. How are some women able to be strong and stand in their truth? The key to living your authentic life and pursuing your dreams is “self-compassion.” The best thing you need to know…..Self-Compassion is learned. Through the SMART framework you will build the foundation of your power that is within your heart, mind and soul. This is your time to Stand Up, Speak Up and Power Up.


Make It Happen

What are you giving up by living a life defined by a culture of perfection, seeking constant approval or trying to escape judgement?

What do you really want? What is your definition of a successful life of abundance, financially, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling? With small pivots that create a life-changing transformation, develop a plan with the SMART planning tool that includes celebratory milestones and support to get back on track when the inevitability of life shows up. You will stay strong and committed to yourself and your plans and goals to live the authentic life you deserve.


Isn’t it exhausting not being true to yourself?

Does acting phony in order to live up to other’s standards and expectations make you angry, sad or frustrated? It takes a lot of energy hide your truth. This can be the most challenging aspect of the SMART journey, yet this is where growth happens. Intrinsically, you know what you want to do with your life. With the SMART values, beliefs and behavior process you will clarify your uniqueness. We encourage you to listen to that little voice inside and to pay attention to your gut feelings. Honor you!

Reality Creation

Is your home environment, your workplace or your community bringing you down or lifting you up?

Building a supportive lifestyle is fundamental to helping you to achieve the success you deserve. Applying the concept of “self-efficacy” which is deeper than self-esteem or self-confidence, you will develop a solid belief in your ability to achieve your desires. The SMART rocess involves creating an affirming home environment, a positive workplace and a support system of people who believe in you. We show you how to apply the value of role models to create your unique persona. As you follow the framework you will become stronger in your truth which will allow you to set healthy boundaries with awareness and thoughtful communication.


Thoughtful Action

How often do you put your head on the pillow after a crazy busy day and you think….I did not do anything for me….

We know your dilemma because we are women who are also pulled in many different directions. We know there are days when you don’t feel like you deserve to be good to yourself. That is why we have developed proven SMART reminders, triggers, new habits and uplifting sayings that will inspire you and keep you motivated to move toward your goals and dreams every single day. We show you how to cultivate positivity and optimism through daily accomplishments. We celebrate when you take a small step or a big leap because each forward moving action is success. When you put your head on your pillow your heart, soul and mind will be filled with a little more self-respect and self-love. What a way to end your busy day!