Stand Up - Speak Up - Power Up

The SMART Women's Movement

We believe there is a movement happening.
That as a busy career focused women, we are drawn to concepts, beauty, simplicity and personality of a self-loved working woman. A world that is inclusive and provides solutions around mentorship and career development of female leaders and executives.
We believe its time to move past days gone by and set the expectation of what lies ahead.

SMART is the NEW Perfect
Represents the foundation of a culture where women no longer ask for permission rather they are expected to Stand up , Speak up and Power up.

We believe that this movement embodies the workforce to move towards gender equality. That whether we live in big cities or up and coming markets, we are embracing more women in decision making roles. Mindful of the renaissance of lost business acumen, we will love and lead our future generations intentionally. We are down to earth, honest, and hard working. We are passionate about women rights, the influences we bring into our lives, and the lives of women around the globe.

We believe that we are coming full circle. We desire a more authentic lifestyle where values prevail. Where time and resources are spent sparking conversations and meaningful interactions.

This movement is a movement towards happier and healthier culture where women are celebrated in the workforce. We are honored and humbled to be unfolding this movement for our generation and the generations that follow.


Love- Acceptance and Non-Judgement

Faith- We all have a Purpose

Self Compassion- The antidote to Perfection

Drive- Bring your Best

Service Matters- We love our Tribe

Benevolence- Give Time, Profit, Product


Respect for one another is our baseline. We expect each team member to be all-in out of respect for one another. Communication is imperative. We strive for transparency and an open-door policy. We are a culture of inclusivity and diversity which encourages innovative ideas and growth. We cultivate a work environment to continuously improve our offerings to consistently exceed customer expectations.
Fail early. Fail often. Fail forward. Reinvent. Iterate. Improve and do it again.

We celebrate small wins. Building a business is hard work so we look for opportunities to reward each other’s efforts along the way. Everyone has different work styles. We like the diversity of talent. We encourage each team member to design their workday so they can optimize their contributions. We expect accountability, we expect results, we expect growth, we expect profitability.
We love our tribe who are our customers, our fans, our champions and our business partners.

We are committed to the SMART Movement.

We love what we do.

We change lives for the better!

We have Fun!